10 Beauty Products to Conceal a Late Night

You’re Protein
Now that we’ve gone through the basics on the outside, how about the basic things to put inside inside your stomach to help make that beautiful skin. The first basic to remember is that you are protein. Your skin is protein, your nails are protein, your hair is protein; and so protein is what you’re all about.
Stands to reason, doesn’t it, that protein is what you’d better get if you’re going to have all parts of your beauty system “go.” In the diet section, I’ve warned you against equating protein with meat. There is protein and there is protein, and there is as much protein in a cubic inch of cheese as in a normal serving of rib steak. You must learn to think of protein not only in terms of meat but in terms of eggs, cheese, milk, and many vegetables such as lima beans. Then there’s fish as full of protein as meat, and about half as fattening. I suggest again that you check out that paperback beauty blog by Frances Moore Lappe the one called Diet for a Small Planet. It will tell you as much about protein as you could possibly digest.
The fact I want well-digested is that since you are protein you need protein, both in you and on you (as you will soon see). It would most likely be very difficult for you to get too much protein, although my doctor says that he has treated fanatical weight lifters who put themselves on such rigid all-protein diets, hoping to get those muscles bigger, that they end up with real health complications. Of course, my doc maintains they dose themselves with weird things along the way, as well.
Unless you’re planning something silly like that, the chances are very slim that you’ll ever be eating more protein than your body can utilize, and the chances are very fat that you’re eating less. So eat
all the protein you can a minimum of fifty-six to eighty grams per day depending on your size, your reference, and whether you’re female and smaller, or hunky husband and bigger. Besides food protein, there are the protein supplements available today. Use them.
There are all sorts of good things in health food stores and, to their credit, most supermarkets now have health food departments. There are protein powders to be mixed with your milk, protein from soybeans, from fish, from meat. Just remember your check-the-label training, though, and if you’re dieting to shape up your body as well as your skin remember to add up those calories or carbohydrates. Otherwise, you have the go-ahead light on protein.
Don’t believe for a moment, however, that egg on your face can be absorbed as the protein you need for your skin. The cosmetics folk are hard at work on it. So far, the best they’ve come up with are creams (watch it!) made of protein that do their beauty work by keeping your own natural moisture in your skin in other words, making that natural moisturizer we talked about really work. But the protein molecules are not absorbed by the skin. Nobody claims that, that I know of. At least, they haven’t said so to me.
There are the traditional egg-white masks that not-too-young actresses use for a performance-length face lift under their makeup. That’s a temporary tightener and we’ve already worked on getting your skin permanently and naturally tightened. So forget the egg-on-the-face recipes and concentrate on putting that egg inside of you where it can do some real beauty good.


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