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Circular tablecloths

As circular tablecloths are very wide, especially those that drape right down to the floor, it is unlikely that you will find a large enough piece of fabric to cut the circle in one piece, so several widths may well need to be joined.

They should never be joined down the middle as this would look unsightly on the table, but a full width of fabric should be centred and the extra widths should be added on either side of this central panel.

10 Home Decor Ideas Diy

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Making a circular tablecloth

To calculate the amount of fabric required, first measure the table’s diameter and height. The basic width (diameter) of the finished cloth will equal twice the height of the table, plus the diameter of the table top. To this add 5-1 Ocm (2—4in) to give some draping on the ground, plus an extra 3cm (IKin) for the seam allowance around the circular edge. (Adjust if you want a shorter drop.) This gives the final width and length of fabric needed.

Circular tablecloth

1 Join the fabric pieces, positioning a full width in the centre. Join lining pieces in same way. Press seams open.

2 Fold the fabric in half, aligning the seams. The width along the fold measures the full diameter of the circle.

3 Mark a half-circle on folded fabric, using a pencil and a length of string. Cut lining to same shape.

4 Pin lining to fabric and stitch, leaving an opening for turning. Trim, notch and turn right side out.

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