10 Home Decor Ideas For Small Living Room

Making a tie-on cushion cover

To make the ties, cut strips of fabric in either the same or a contrasting fabric (the two fabrics should be the same composition and weight) to a length that will allow for a reasonable knot or bow around the back of the chair frame. The width of the finished tie should be no more than about 3cm (IMin). Cut the fabric to twice the width of the finished tie, plus a hem allowance of 12mm (Min) on each side and at each short end.

Fold the fabric strip in half lengthways, right sides together, and press. Machine stitch, 12mm (Kin) from the raw edge, across one short end and all along the length of the strip. Turn the tube right side out with the aid of a knitting needle or narrow ruler, pushing through from the stitched short end. Alternatively, the tie can be made by top stitching the edges together. To do this, first press the 12mm (Kin) seam allowances to the wrong side along both long edges and one short end. Then fold the strip in half lengthways with the wrong sides together, and machine stitch close to the aligned folded edges. Set the finished ties aside.

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Next, make a paper pattern to the required finished size and shape of the cushion cover, plus a 1.5cm (Kin) seam allowance all around. Using this pattern, cut out the top and bottom of the cushion cover. Mark the chair leg (or chair back) positions on the bottom section of the cover, and pin two finished ties to each of the marked positions, with the short raw edges aligned with the raw edges of the cover piece and the ties lying on the centre of the piece. Pin the top of the cushion to the bottom, with right sides together and raw edges aligned. Tack, catching in fhe ends of the ties in the seam. Remove the pins. Machine stitch around the edge, leaving an opening for turning and for inserting the cushion. Remove the tacking, trim, clip and notch the seam allowance to avoid bulk. Press the seam open. Turn the cover right side out and press. Insert the cushion. Pin and slip stitch the opening closed, as for the square cushion.

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