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Masks And Drinks
Then there are the drinks. Cola beverages yes, the diet kind as well  are just plain bad. And they’re going to make your skin break out if you don’t watch out. For your beauty regimen can’t do it all you still have to eat with the care you’ve learned to have by now. And you must work at eating well just as hard as you work at all the rest. Beauty never comes easy.
Too much of any sort of stimulant is definitely out. Coffee, tea, and (I’m afraid to say it again) alcohol are all detrimental and should always be avoided in excess. Avoid altogether if there’s a skin problem already present.
Check the chart for the really good foods that contain the vitamins and minerals that are good for you. And then choose from that list when it’s menu-making time. I’ve deliberately included the bad foods in my chart as well just so you can see for yourself how worthless they really are.


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