11 Stunningly Cool Hairstyles For Women

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11 Stunningly Cool Hairstyles For Women

11 Stunningly Cool Hairstyles For Women Photo Gallery

11 Stunningly Cool Hairstyles For Women Photo Gallery

Brooklyn has given birth to great I MCs like Biggie, Big Daddy Kane and Jay Z, and Maino plans to “be the head of its next great Representing Hustle Hard Entertainment with his independent release Brooklyn’s Future, Maino claims to have the formula which will separate him from his competition.

“I plan to be definitely on top. First and foremost, you got to understand that a lot of these dudes got talent but they don’t have character, charisma or personality. It’s one thing to be a rapper, but it’s a whole ’nutha thing to be a star. A lot of these dudes’ backgrounds are real shaky; when you look at me, you looking at the truest form. My life is real. I go see a parole officer every month; it’s not a game for me. A lot of these dudes are put together.”

Sparking the streets with jump offs like “Pimpin’” and ‘Tear Da Club Down,” Maino asserts that people are gonna feel his emo..

“It’s one thing to be a rapper, but it’s a whole’nutha thing w tie a startion, which will bring them Into his music.

“My whole life, from me doing 10 years to the scar on my face, is real, and people take more notice of a person who reminds them of themselves. People are gonna feel my struggle and my pain. I want someone that’s 16 to see me and say. ‘He did 10 years and he came out and he’s really doing his music thing,’ and that inspires them to accomplish their goals. They look at my struggle and know for a fact I was a criminal and turned my life around. It’s deeper than the rhymes.”

Thanks in part to Hustle Hard Entertainment, which includes industry vets Gene Nelson, 380 and Andre Weston, the BK rabblercuser has done tracks with DJ Kay Slay, Cormega, Loon, Joe Budden and Da Band’s Babs Bunny. With his eye on the throne that Jay Z claims to have relinquished, Maino confidently boasts, “I run Brooklyn right now. Hands down. I’m the dude, and we trying to get this major deal.”

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