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I would have thought twice about starting the CD with the Fifth Caprice. His playing of its hair-raising arpeggios is wayward in both pitch and tone, and he’s much more comfortable in the singing line of the Sonata which follows, with a nice line in subtle portamento and rubato. ‘Le streghe’ shows both these traits, with a charming theme but some sense of effort in the variations; and that carries over into the Moto perpetuo, dogged rather than fleet-footed.

There’s more of a sense of enthusiasm and style in David Baker’s jazzy variations (on the usual 24th Caprice), though the faster passagework is again a little hit and miss – and when the notes aren’t always what you’d expect, intonation needs to be spot-on. It’s the only piece where Jirikovsky has a substantial piano part for the rest he’s dealing efficiently with orchestral reductions, arrangements of guitar originals, or Schumann’s add-ons to the solo Caprices, which tend to tether the music to the ground, rather than let it fly. Not that it’s his fault that Sporcl makes such a meal of the Second Caprice in particular, or doesn’t quite find the range of colour and phrasing for ‘I palpiti’.

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