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I have found that advising physical exercises to young mothers is a counsel of perfection. They either feel they are too tired or haven’t the time to do a daily dozen. There is, however, one invaluable exercise which can be done at any time of the day and as often as you like. You can do it standing or lying flat.

Standing (when washing or cooking):

Put your feet and legs together. Press the thighs against each other, at the same time tightening your buttocks and drawing in your tummy. You will find also that your perineal muscles (the muscles running between the front and back passage which helps to hold the uterus in place) tighten up. Relax and repeat this contraction several times whenever you can think of it.

Lying down:

You can do the above exercise lying flat on your back. Vary it by drawing your feet up, with the soles on the bed, raising your buttocks from the bed as you squeeze your thighs together. This exercise will not only tighten up all the muscles which have been stretched during labour, but give you a flat tummy and help you to regain your figure.

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