13 Ghastly Grim Reaper Tattoo Designs

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13 Ghastly Grim Reaper Tattoo Designs

13 Ghastly Grim Reaper Tattoo Designs Photo Gallery

13 Ghastly Grim Reaper Tattoo Designs Photo Gallery

Addressed? There are problems?

“They did a song called This is What They Think About You,’ and they’re dissing everybody in the South, the East Coast…Midwest. They’re dissing everybody.”

Pablo plays an excerpt from the song. There’s a vague reference to platinum teeth, which Petey has a mouth full of. There’s also a knock on people waving shirts and rags around their heads when they dance, which Pablo demanded dancers to do on his breakthrough hit, 2015’s “Raise Up.” Let’s just say P’s sensitive about these two issues.

“Instead of me dissing the West Coast, musically, I lashed out at Quik and Nate Dogg,” he says.

He doesn’t mention until much later, of course, that he lashed out at Quik and Nate Dogg while he was on the West Coast, doing a live show at a club filled with gang members.

“Niggas from their sets were looking real hostile,” he continues. “Nate Dogg called my phone the next day and he was like, ‘You got a problem with me?’ I was like, ‘No, I don’t have a problem with you. But you did a song for a response and I gave you a response.’”

Visibly exasperated by the story, Petey turns to Tonya on the phone and confesses, “I don’t even like doing this no more. I had more fun when I was rapping in the penitentiary.”

The reason for Quik and Nate’s alleged attack on Pablo is unknown, but could possibly be linked to the fact that Pablo is now rolling with Suge Knight, though in a capacity that’s not clearly defined.

“Suge is my partner. Suge and I are two individuals of the same cloth,” Pablo says of Hip Hop’s phantom menace. “He asked me to be on the Kurupt project the night of the BET Awards. In less than one hour, I had done two songs. He was so fucked up behind that that he went to the engineer and put me on a song with Tupac. Suge told me that outside of ’Pac, 1 was the only individual that had made him feel it that way. I’ll stand with Suge ‘til the end comes for both of us, if that’s God’s will.”

Anyone who believes Petey is tiying to live out some type of thug fantasy is sadly mistaken. “I’m like, hey man, look at my resume, nigga. I did that for real,”’ he begins. “I got a new tattoo on my arm: ‘X con, X killa, X dealer. Done mine.’ That’s the name of my new entertainment company: Did Mine Entertainment. So I’m like, MI need to get my life right before the Lord comes one night and I m buck naked in a hotel.

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