16 Simple Easy Long Hairstyles for Libra Horoscope

16 Simple Easy Long Hairstyles for Spring Libra Horoscope And Astrological Forecasts

Capital in general is increased. Your spouse or partner is prospering these days and is very generous with you.
There are two eclipses this month. The first is a St>tetr Edipse in your 7th House on the 3rd. This is probably announdng a marriage or important change in marital status. With benevolent Jüpiter stili in your 7th House, the outcome of this should be good. Even if one relationship fails, there is another and better one just behind it. Sometimes the cosmos has to protect us from ourselves. The second is a Lunar Edipse on the 17th that occurs in your own Sign. The Lunar Edipse is going to create changes in your self image and personality. You will have an opportu nity to redefine your personality. You will probably adopt a new look and new wardrobe to boot.

Both of these eclipses are strong on you, so do take a reduced schedule during these periods, for a few days before and a few days afterwards. Gratuitous travel, elective surgery or other unnecessary potentially risky activities are best rescheduled.

Health improves after the 23rd and again after the 28th. But you can enhance it further by paying more attention to your hips and kidneys (until October 8th) and to your colon, bladder and sexual organs (from the 8th to the 30th).

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