20 Incredible Survival Movies to Make You Appreciate Life

20 Incredible Survival Movies to Make You Appreciate Life
For engineers, contractors, and anyone interested in the mechanics of escalators. Goetz, Alisa. Up, Down, Across: Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Sidewalks. New York: Merrell, 2003. A work focusing on the history of elevators, escalators, and moving sidewalks, conveniences that are often taken for granted. However, some designers are shifting away from camouflaging them, making them part of the building’s architecture. Includes historical and modern photographs.

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. 20 Incredible Survival Movies to Make You Appreciate Life 'Rizzoli

Tell us about your EP and any upcoming releases… We released an EP, COMING HOME, last year 2015 which was my first release ever. We’re actually working on a live record at the moment because we kind of feel like, as a six piece, the magic happens when we’re all playing together, rather than going into a studio and doing it piece by piece. So we’re gonna release a live record from Megan & The Common Threads probably within the next six months. Then I’m gonna be working on another separate studio one also with the full band, but it won’t be a live one.

Tell us more about moving to Nashville – and appearing on the TV program too…

I finished college in 2012 and I just felt like if I really wanted to give this a full go, then I needed to go to the best place in the world to learn how to songwrite. I’d done a lot of songwriting but it was all on my own. So I really wanted to learn the process and just move to Nashville and be a sponge. That’s what I did, I spent two years out there and I had the most amazing time and met great people. I got a lot of great opportunities to work with people that obviously would have never otherwise happened. I really learned a lot, and then I moved to London after that. The TV show happened too which was a big shocker for me because a lot of the time those things don’t happen if you don’t have a label or a sync agency or a publisher.

What do you love about the UK scene?

I think probably the biggest thing for me would be the feeling that we’re all part of the family. It’s very tight knit, everyone helps each other. It doesn’t kind of feel like you’re pinning one artist against the other. And in an event like C2C when you’ve got so much talent under one roof, everyone just gets along so well and wants to meet each other – and that’s something that I adore about the scene in the UK at the moment. And there’s such amazing music coming out of here right now, you know, it’s a great place to be!

And what do you have planned next in terms of touring?

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