20 Lovely Bridal Makeup Ideas

20 Lovely Bridal Makeup Ideas 2016


Kicking your shoes off helps to boost the condition of your feet enormously, as it frees the bones from the constraints of pointy shoes. The most effective way to rid yourself of soft corns is to walk barefoot as much as possible.


Your feet often have to bear twice your body’s weight. It is therefore vital to relieve them ofthe pressure occasionally. A bowl of hot water, reeking deliciously of aromatherapy oils, is a great way to lighten the load – soak your feet at least once a week for maximum effect. (Essential oils penetrate the bloodstream – use lavenderfor relaxing, peppermint for cooling down or eucalyptus for its antiseptic properties. Avoid using essential oils ifyou are pregnant.)

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20 Lovely Bridal Makeup Ideas

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