2016 Fashion Trends

Suffered from bouts of postnatal depression since the birth of my son – and while the majority of the time I feel like the luckiest, happiest girl on the planet, unfortunately, in the ‘wobbly’ periods,

I have experienced extreme lows. Fearne Cotton’s new column, Happy, rings so true for me – especially her amazing ‘gratitude list’ idea and brilliant book recommendation, Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig.

Anna, by email

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No more comparisons

I totally agree with Lauren Laverne’s Bye Bye, Bucket List. So much of life now is about being in competition with everyone else, and we plaster this all over social media to share how ‘good’ our lives are. It takes a lot to remember not to get jealous; everyone has their bad days. So here’s to Lauren’s “Look what I did!” list.

Megan, by email

@lucyashley13 @jo_elvin Editor’s letter in this month’s @GlamourMagUK is the best thing I’ve read this month #anti-resolution

An interesting chat

My nan, Jean, passed away from cancer earlier this year, and my sister and I were remembering all the things

we loved about her, from her original games to her fabulous fashion sense. She was very open and I’d often ask about her wedding and pregnancies. But we never discussed sex, which is a shame, because I’m sure she’d have loved a good chat, like the women in Hey Gran, Let’s Talk About Sex. It’s refreshing to see we can still be funny and sexy, even when nearing 90!

Elizabeth, by email

Stop the judging

A massive thank you for Crazy Bitches, Unite! I’ve had plenty of fights with my partner in the past, and a lot were in public. Because of this, I felt his friends saw me as a ‘psycho’, but after reading the article I feel justified – not for the behaviour, but for the emotions was feeling. You’re right: judgement

helps no one. In the end it only makes people feel worse, when it’s likely they’ve already been agonising over it. Maeve, by email

@LennonSteph Ditch the #bucketlist embrace the #achievedit 2016 nice one @laurenlaverne @GlamourMagUK

Food myths, busted?

I was glad to see Instafood Myths dispel some myths of healthy eating, but I felt it gave me just as many bamboozling facts. Are ‘artificial’ ingredients always bad? Why do I need B vitamins? What are phytochemicals? An article that explains these terms thrown at us to make us trust scientists (when we don’t actually know what they mean) would be useful.

Sarah, by email

2016 Fashion Trends

2016 Fashion Trends

2016 Fashion Trends

2016 Fashion Trends

2016 Fashion Trends

2016 Fashion Trends

2016 Fashion Trends

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