22 Nails To Copy This Spring

22 Nails To Copy This Spring 2016


1 First, apply cuticle cream to your toenails, then soak your feet in a bowl of steaming, soapy water to soften any hard skin.

2 Push back your cuticles with a damp face cloth or handkerchief, and gently file away any patches of hard skin. Stop filing as soon as the moist new skin appears.

3 Clip your toenails with a toenail clipper, using a straight-across motion. Cut them so that the tip of the toe itself is slightly visible beyond the edge of the nail. File the edges gently with a nailfile, making sure not to remove the square edges.

4 Next, remove any traces of old nail varnish using a nonacetone nail varnish remover, which will not dry out the nails. (The old varnish will protect the toes during filing, so do not remove it until this point.)

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