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Angela Gheorghiu doesn’t read her reviews. ‘I don’t read the critics because it’s too subjective. It’s the opinion of only one person on one evening. Maybe he has a bad time with his wife at home, maybe he has a headache, I don’t know. It would be completely wrong to put my soul, my feelings, in a state, because I’m the first to know after the performance what I’ve done.’

Her views are – unsurprisingly, perhaps very similar to those of her husband, tenor Roberto Alagna, who also claimed in a recent interview to avoid reviews altogether. They coincide too in their shared belief that the public’s reaction, and their own self-assessment, is far more important. As Gheorghiu puts it: ‘When I go on the stage, I always give my best. I give absolutely everything. Somebody likes it, somebody doesn’t. Everyone’s free. And sometimes I’m OK, sometimes I’m so-so. Other times I see the public giving a complete standing ovation while the reviewer wrote something critical just to make himself very important. It’s completely wrong! A critic must be helpful for the public, or for the artists in general, or for the performance.’

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