27 Elegant Shoulder Tattoos For Girls

“There are definitely preconceptions about what I’ll be like. Some people expect a self-absorbed imbecile, so it can be fun to mention that I have a degree in physics.” Arran Sly

“A lot of models leave our homes at a young age, and show up in a world we’ve only heard of. It can be lonely. What’s fun about being surrounded by people looking to put you down to feel better about themselves?” River Viiperi

“I work long hours, and making it as an African-American model was not easy. Plus you never know when it will end. But I plan to be around for a while.” Ronald Epps


“I find that most people think most male models are gay. Not true.” Andre Hamann

“Fashion Week parties are the best. Every model knows that Dior throws the best parties in Paris.” Arran Sly

“Lots of women don’t believe me when I tell them what I do. Then I see them Googling me on their phone, and ten minutes later they come back.” Andre Hamann

“I was at an event and a lady started asking me questions, so I thought she was interested. But then she called her daughter over. The daughter was gorgeous, but too shy to approach me herself.” River Viiperi

“People think I’m going to be this douchebag, cocky, arrogant model with his head deep inside you-know-where. Once they actually start talking to me, they’re like, ‘Eh… can I tell you something? You’re actually not at all what I thought.’ That’s nice to hear.” River Viiperi

“One annoying expectation is that you need to look good all the time. Also, people often say to me, ‘You are not a model.’ OK… so what do you mean by that, exactly?” Arran Sly

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