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When you go for your post-natal examination, tell your doctor if you still feel excessively tired, or have backache, or are feeling a bit low. Possibly you are a little anaemic and need a further supply of iron pills. Maybe you are a little constipated. Your doctor-can advise you on all these matters.

What Exactly will Happen at the Post-natal Examination

As I have said, your doctor will examine you internally to see if your uterus has returned to normal, both in size and position, and whether the cervix is healthy. Your urine will be examined to ascertain if your kidneys are working satisfactorily. This test is especially important if your urine had albumen during the later months of pregnancy. Your blood will be tested in order to see if you are anaemic.

You will, in fact, have a thorough overhaul. If you need any treatment you will receive it now. Remember, having a baby style and travel should not leave you with ill-health. You should be as fit as ever a few weeks after your baby style and travel is bom. Your post-natal examination will enable your doctor to make sure you have regained your ordinary health and vitality.

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