Mix 3 drops of lavender with 1 tsp wheatgerm oil (or a thick moisturizing cream) and massage well into the affected area night and morning. Continue until the condition improves.

Other measures: benzoin, myrrh, tea tree and patchouli are also useful essential oils for cracked skin when used individually or in combination and applied as you would lavender oil.

Small cuts and scratches are some of the most common household injuries, especially where young children are concerned. Lavender is an excellent first-aid remedy for all sorts of skin abrasions or wounds due to its excellent antiseptic and wound-healing properties. It is so gentle that it does not sting the exposed raw skin, and it acts as a mild anaesthetic and encourages a rich flow of blood to the damaged area. It also prevents scarring:

I grabbed the lavender oil and poured it over the wound. Without pain of any description, I promise you that I stood and watched the gaping hole close before my eyes By evening I had a small scar that looked rather like a wrinkle, and the following morning even the wrinkle had disappeared.

Even stubborn sores or wounds will ofen respond to lavender:

Infected sore on the posterior side of the instep, dating back 18 days. All the usual methods had been tried: dry and wet dressings, ointments and powders. One application of lavender. Twenty-four hours later, the sore was dry and healed.

Clean the area thoroughly with water, then dab on a few drops of pure lavender oil. Apply a plaster (adhesive bandage) if required. Continue to apply the lavender oil neat several times a day until the skin has healed.

Other measures: pure tea tree oil can be used as an altemative.

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