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The child becomes very anxious at the first inkling of the mother’s departure. The feelings of anxiety crescendo at the actual separation. Despair. A hopelessness that results in grief and mourning, stemming from the child’s belief that the mother will never return. Detachment and defense. The child then experiences the detachment between himself and the mother and begins to emotionally distance himself from the mother. To cope with the pain of this break, the child develops what we call defenses.

32 Cute & Sexy Must Have Red Dresses / Lady In Red

32 Cute & Sexy Must Have Red Dresses Lady In Red Photo Gallery

With the birth of her first child less than a month away, Sam, 24, looks a vision of health and happiness in a stunning shimmering Bec & Bridge dress, having enjoyed a trouble-free pregnancy. The glowing star, who is due the second week of January, tells us that she and dad-to-be Paul, 27, a property developer, can’t wait to meet their first child, particularly as they’ve decided not to find out the sex.

The atmosphere is making some of the guests feel broody – including Gemma, 34, who has just started dating builder Stephen Mortimer. ‘We’ve only been on a few dates and it’s going well. I think I’m going to be the next TOWIE girl to have a baby. I’ve just got a feeling in my waters,’ says the 34-year-old star. ‘Billie was the first and sailed through it, and now so has Sam. If I’m going to get pregnant next I’ll be ringing them up morning, noon and night for advice as they’re naturals.’

However, that’s not stopping Luisa, who is mum to Dixie, five, offering Sam some advice about the birth. ‘I’m trying to persuade Sam to hypnobirth like I did with Dixie,’ she says. ‘Some of my friends have followed my lead and we’ve all had the most amazing births. Sam’s going

Above: Bikini-clad Sam on holiday with Paul. Right: Sam’s gorgeous cake and cupcakes her thoughts, which made me laugh. She didn’t think she was going to do it, but when she stood up there I went with her and we both got really emotional. I was crying happy tears. She was saying: ‘You’ve been a wonderful auntie to Nelly, and I can’t wait to meet the baby and I know you and Paul will make wonderful parents.’ We both hate making speeches. As much as we’re confident and do TV work, it’s a different thing making a speech and projecting your voice. It’s also really personal.

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