4 ways to get a bikini body fast


I The first step is to banish the cellulite. Start by reducing dairy products to a bare minimum. Eat ten varied portions of fresh fruit and veg, and drink two to three litres of water per day.

2 Next, do some calorie-burning activities: in-line skating to tackle inner thighs; and running, stair climbing or hill walking to get to grips with calves and backs of thighs.

3 To hone thighs even more, try lunging. Stand with feet hip-width apart, right leg in front, weight on the heel, left leg behind, weight on the ball of the foot. Slowly lower to a 90″ angle, keeping your torso vertical and front knee in line with ankle. Lift up by pushing through the heel of your front foot. Repeat ’til you tire, then change legs.

4 For shapelier calves, balance on the edge of a stair, weight on the balls of your feet, stand tall and slowly lower your heels off the edge. Lift back up, squeezing through your calf muscles, as high as you can go. Repeat ’til you tire.

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My period is due to start the I day I go on holiday this year. I’m on the Pill – would it be okay for me to readjust the time I take it, so my period doesn’t come?

A Yes, simply take your packets of pills back to back without a break. There are no health risks, but most doctors recommend only taking three packs one after the other like this at a time, as any longer may cause breakthrough bleeding, which kind of defeats the object!

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Hot, humid conditions on holiday can bring on thrush quicker than you can climb out of your wet bikini bottoms. If you’re prone, apply new Bio Fern Acti-Gel*, £7.99, daily for a week or two before you go away.


Is your lolly choc-full of calories?

3 ways to beat summertime sluggishness

32 minutes of volleyball on the beach

36 minutes of tennis

27 minutes of skipping

52 minutes of yoga on the beach

29 minutes of basketball

One hour of in-line skating

21 minutes of running on the beach

12 minutes of swimming in the sea


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