4 Weeks To A Bikini Body: Your Cardio Plan


Watch trouble spots melt away with this four-week treadmill program from Heather Rider director of Rider Fitness Consulting in Los Angeles. Varying the intensity of your workout (here it's by changing the incline) is one of the most effective ways to burn calories.


Hills also tone glutes and hamstrings.

The Basic Workout.

Warm up for five minutes at zero incline and a speed of 3.0.

Cool down for five to 10 minutes at zero incline and 2.5 speed,

Week One: Do the Basic Workout at a speed of 3.4.

WeekTwo: Increase the speed to 3.5; add an incline increment to steps 2,4, and 6. WeekThree: Increase the speed to 3.6; add an incline increment to steps 2,4, and 6. Week Four: Increase the speed to 3.7; add an incline increment to steps 2,4, and 6.

Untitled.FR11-1303 STEPS TO SHOW-OFF ABS

1 DON’T DO TRADITIONAL CRUNCHES When your abs are doing their job stabilizing your spine “they hold you taller and make your stomach look flatter and tighter,” says Alwyn Cosgrove, co-author (with Lou Schuler) of The New Rules of Lifting.

4 Weeks To A Bikini Body: Your Cardio Plan

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But when you do classic crunches, the floor stabilizes your spine for you, so your abs don’t get the workout they should. Get better results by doing your ab work in a less stable position: Try curls on a balance ball, or work abs from a plank position or in a V (balancing on your butt with your legs in the air).


The tighter and firmer your obliques, the slimmer you’ll look through the waist. Try the side plank: Lie on your right side with your right elbow under your shoulder. Lift your hips off the floor so your body is in a straightline from your underarm to the outside of your foot. Hold for 20 counts. Repeat on your left.

3 DO FEWER REPS. If your hip flexors (front hip muscles) are too tight, your muscles shorten and compress your abdomen.

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