5 Amazing Ways To Make Plump Your Lips


This is far more achievable for daily life.

1 Instead of outlining with lip pencil first, go for a plumping product (there are plenty on the market, but BeneFit’s Lip Plump is a good one) to fill in the lines.

2 As far as colour goes, anything that is neither matt nor flat will look more lush, which is why glosses are so popular. Remember that your lips are mobile (only pouting models caught in a single photographic image are static), so the mouth you create will have to withstand activities such as talking, eating and drinking.

3 Next use a lip primer and, with a lip brush, apply a colour that’s a little creamy all over the natural lip line, and slightly overthe edges. Blot, and reapply colour.

4 Then use a lip pencil to boost the upper-lip shape. I don’t like using more liner than this because in real life you are seen from 360°, and a total lip line looks false.

5 Top up the mouth with a little extra gloss on the centre of the lower lip, and in the Cupid’s bow ofthe upper lip.


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