6 Ways to Perfect Polish Nails


1 Gently buffyour nails to smooth out any uneven surfaces.

2 Apply a thin layer of base coat to your nails. Allow it to dry for at least a minute before applying coloured varnish.

3 Next, turn your coloured varnish upside down once, then roll the bottle between your palms. This will ensure that the texture is even. Never shake your nail varnish upside down, as this upsets the balance ofthe colour pigments.

4 Apply varnish to each nail using three even brushstrokes. First colourthe middle ofthe nail, and then fill in the stripes on either side. Always leave a small gap by the cuticle.

5 Finally, coat your nails in a fast-drying top coat, which will ensure they are touch dry within a couple of minutes and also acts as a sealant. As with the coloured varnish, avoid letting the top coat touch your cuticles, as it will cause them to dry out and flake.

6 When your nails are touch dry, dip your hands in a bowl of cold water to help set the varnish. Do not hold your fingers under a tap (faucet) of cold running water, as the water pressure will make the varnish slide.

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