7 Suggestions for Each Woman to Reach

You went to the sport, but you forgot to take your body lotion. Go into the shower and apply some hair cream to your body. You will notice how silky it is after you leave.

Keep your legs in warm water and bath salt for a few minutes. Then dry and wrap your legs with a heated towel with a drying machine by applying a seaweed mask (absorbs water from your legs when seaweed is present). Relax your legs for 15 minutes, then open the towel and rinse.

If your feet feel numb after a freezing day at a ski resort, use a menthol-based gel or a cream or mistery moisturizer to warm it up.

If your elastic belts are irritating to your belly or back, apply a cream of cornstarch that relieves irritation to these areas.

Try to do your sport at least two hours before you go to bed. But if you are still too tired to sleep or otherwise tired, fill the tub with hot water, add a bath salt, a cup of carbonated and lavender essential bath oil. Take a deep breath and rest for a while. When you sleep on a bed you will sleep like a baby.

At the end of a day of skiing, your cracking hands require an intense moisturizer. Apply a thick layer of moisturizing cream to your hands and put on a cotton glove to kill the fungus but burn it a bit.

After your feet are set up, apply medicated powder between the fingers or massage with corn starch before wearing your socks. Apply this application once or twice a day for several days until the mushrooms are gone.

Here are some suggestions for solutions to common problems in runners:

End the Pain: Do what the Japanese do: Put your feet into hot water, then rub your towel feet strongly to speed up blood circulation. Massage each of your fingers three times clockwise and counter-clockwise. Then gently pull your fingers one by one, massage your heels by taking your feet and taking your hands and punching your hands.

Sore Feet:

Find a flat stone and heat it in the microwave for about a minute. Remember, the stone is not hot but it should only be warm. Massage your stones with the stone that you have warmed down to your feet and between your fingers until the diminution or the stone has cooled down.

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