80s Fashion Trends

LEAH FORESTER L.A.-based fashion stylist Leah is like a young Marisa Berenson. Her wild, big, curly hair and long, dangly, skinny legs look irrepressibly bohemian no matter what she puts on her body. When she was a little girl she lived alone with her mother, and they had very little money.

Nevertheless her mother always looked great, thanks to flea markets and thrift stores. She had an innate sense of style. She also saved money diligently in order to send Leah to private school in Beverly Hills.

So Leah grew up surrounded by rich girls wearing 80s teen fashion like Benetton, Camp Beverly Hills, and Fiorucci, but -inspired by her mother’s taste and style she spent more time at the flea market than the mall. When Leah was a teenager her mother married a man with a lot of money and enjoyed being given fabulous diamond jewelry and designer clothing.

Sadly Leah’s mother passed away a few years ago, but she left Leah with great taste, a high/low approach to dressing, and her fabulous diamonds. And now Leah’s life story is right there in her style a mix of cheap chic, 80s fashion, Mexican ethnic bohemian, and amazing diamonds. So chic!

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