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In 1961, BB was the face of French cosmetics brand Aziza, advertising their eye products with the line €œFor Bardot and for you, the pure allure of eyes by Aziza. Whether she was a paid ambassadress or they simply used her image without permission is unclear. BB retired in 1973 and became known for her passionate animal activism, though in recent years she has also caused controversy through some of her comments on race, sexuality, and religion. MAKEUP MUSES Audrey Hepburn Audrey Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston was born in Brussels in 1929. When she was five, she started at an English boarding school, which is where she first began to study ballet. Her time there was cut short by the declaration of war, after which she returned home. Unfortunately, Holland wouldn’t stay neutral for long, and Germany invaded in 1940.11 Hepburn and her family were eventually liberated on her sixteenth birthday in 1945.12 When she moved to London after the war, she was told that the five years of malnutrition she had suffered during the occupation meant that she would never be able to dance professionally. It was a huge blow. In 1951, Hepburn was discovered by Colette, the author of the novel Gigi, who asked her to play the title part in her book’s theater adaptation that same year. This would launch Hepburn’s career. Soon after, she got the part in Roman Holiday (1953), the role thatapart from Holly Golightlywould come to define her and for which she won an Oscar for Best Actress. Director William Wyler famously said of her, €œShe completely looked the part of a princess. A real, live, bona fide princess. And when she opened her mouth you were sure you’d found a princess. €

80s makeup lips

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