’90s TV Stars: Then & Now 2015

’90s TV Stars: Then & Now

’90s TV Stars: Then & Now 2015

She fought the urge to wear wedges for years, but suddenly Vicki Woods finds she’s falling for their clumpy charms Retro is fine if you missed it the first time, but any woman who’s lived long enough knows you cannot will not buy anything you first wore when you were under 23 (or while pregnant). You have to turn your face away, even if the stuff is hopping up and down in Harvey Nicks’ windows screaming Buy Me or Die Dowdy. We’re grown-up now. We are not coltish children any more. We all know this, don’t we? Men don’t, weirdly. Maybe their mirrors work differently. Most men are perfectly happy to dress like three-year-olds in pullover jumpers, T-shirts and drawstring pants with no angsty fastenings. Look at Dave Cameron in his keep-it-real weekend wear. Since women are different, praise heaven, I can’t be the only one I know who has resolutely failed to buy anything smocked, tiered or belted at the hip (Woodstock revival), or printed in slime-green and mustard (Seventies revival) or any hulking great platform footwear. I’ve seen wedges come round twice now: first from Terry de Havilland in the glam-rock Seventies (how much would I get for mine today on eBay?) and again briefly in the Spice Girls era. I ignored them both times. Hated the very idea of wedges don’t even like the word much, with its worrying overtones of underpants and pastrami sandwiches.

Then I went to a wedding last year where the bride wore wedges and I had to rearrange my face. It was one of those fashion weddings.

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