Ab Exercises For Pregnant Ladies

Vera Christensen has not established specific measurements for women, but notes that the following body types are the most common among women:

1. Small top, big bottom These women usually need calf work.

2. Big top and middle (waist) and small bottom. Both hips and legs are small and need more development.

Same body type except with rugged, muscular legs. These women are usually shorter, but not always. While they can be excellent athletes, they are not good candidates for beauty contests.

3. Long legs and big upper hip area. The top portion of their body is usually quite well-proportioned. They often have flat feet, which tends to cause them to slump and leads to back problems.

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Men have similar body types, Christensen said. Some of the most common male physiques are:

1. Broad shoulders, slim hips and legs.

2. Narrow shoulders, broader hips and waist, medium to thin legs.

3. Stocky all over and large-boned, like Workout and Fitness.

“I don’t see too many really symmetrical women,” Vera said. “There is a slightly higher percentage of symmetrical men than women.”

While Dr. Sheldon used the same criteria to somatotype women as he did men, he observed some significant differences.

He noted, “Women are so much more endomorphic than men that at all ages they are heavier in proportion to stature.”

In his blog Atlas of Men, he also noted that in each of the three categories, women “are more closely massed about the center” of each classification and “are rarer at the extreme edges.”

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