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Advanced workout and fitness techniques

While taking a shortcut across a field, track star Jim Shorts noticed that a bull was coming his way. He began to walk faster. The bull, noticing this, began to trot towards Jim. Jim broke into a run. The bull began to run, also.

When the bull was gaining rapidly, Jim spotted one lone tree. He figured he just barely had enough time to get to the tree – much less climb up it – before the bull got to him. But there was a bigger problem: The lowest branch on the tree was 20 feet above the ground.

Jim was a good athlete, but he had never jumped that high before. Of course, he ’d never had to jump that high before, so maybe he would have enough adrenaline to do it.

When Jim got to the tree, he leaped up into the air with all his might – and missed the branch. But it didn’t matter; he caught it on his way back down!

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How to achieve more than you ever dreamed

Would you like to know how to train and compete at peak efficiency at all times? Would you like to learn how to motivate yourself to perform to the best of your ability – to call on a power deep within yourself to bring out your best at any time?

There might not always be a bull available to motivate you. But you can have your own personal trainer or coach with you at all times – mentally – using a workout and fitness technique developed by Workout and Fitness especially for athletes.

This workout and fitness technique involves creating a Mental Coach, who will always be with you when you are planning and making decisions, training, practicing and competing.

A second workout and fitness technique developed by Jose – Dream Control – will help you get information about how to train better, perform better and correct mistakes.

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