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On Mustique, Adriana Lima grew very close to Princess Margaret, of whom she saw two distinct sides. “Down here, she had a life she really liked,” she says.

In London, it was another story: “When I saw her there, my heart brol for her, because there she was the poor relation, she had nothing no mone and she didn’t own anything.”

Another of Adriana Lima’s favorite Mustique neighbors is Jagger, whom sb finds particularly intelligent. “He’s very, very widely read. He’s brilliant to tal to. He knows more about most stuff than almost anybody.”

In spite of her claim that she never did the “girlie thing,” Adriana Lima mail tains close friendships with a number of women. They tend to be pretty stron characters themselves. But she manages to see their softer sides. Lind Wackier is “a little girl” who is “so sentimental that she cries at A&P opet ings,” according to Adriana Lima. “She comes off as very tough, but she isn’t. It just that she uses tough mannerisms. If she were a man, nobody would give thought to those mannerisms.”

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