Next post: town, I realised I was momentously out of my fashion I had brought a couple of nice pieces from Calvin Klein, where I had been working in New York, but my suitcases were I’d picked up from chain stores. The local women, meanwhile, worn open to reveal a tanned chestful of glimmering gold jewellery. They were the epitome This was nearly years ago. I was years old and my fashion identity was very strong and embellishment “ yet not at to pave these rich stones into a polished walkway. But now, after all these years of admiring Milanese women and writing about many of them, a few of their tricks have inevitably been imprinted onto my style psyche. A couple of rules I now never, ever wear exercise clothes in public “ not even on my way to the gym. (And every summer when I return the women who spend their entire day in yoga pants.

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