Next post: carats of Chopard diamonds, her eyes half closed, her feline form arched in what looks like ecstasy, just waiting for the arrival of her paramour, who is¦ here! Yes. There he is! With the glossed hair of late Italian actor Rudolph Valentino and the post bender professionalism of Don Draper (suit crisp, jaw unshorn, mood¦ stormy), Marc Jacobs steps onto our set, sidles behind his new muse, glances at the camera and “ click! “ he’s done. This is how America’s most famous fashion designer operates these days. In the two years since hyper focused on his own company, which is moving fast there’s a new CEO in place (Givenchy veteran Sebastian Suhl), a spate of internal shake ups as a freestanding entity and integrating it into the main collection) and now the birth of a completely. Decadence, that in itself seems to herald te about turn for Maison Jacobs. The having done his photo duty and extracted Marlboro Lights from a glossy black I’ve been saying, I’m not into it and I don’t want to know about it for so long that one day I was just like, You know what, maybe I will. It was very arbitrary.

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