Next post: I always wanted to have something very solid in Australia before I did that “ I like to get one thing right then move on to my next challenge. Next month, Spender will compete in the International Woolmark Prize, being judged in the US during New York Fashion Week. For someone who still gets chastised by her mother, fashion industry icon Carla in malleable merino wool instead of the less luxurious calico, it’s a competition close to her heart and one that has her both scared and excited. Everyone in my team is really excited, so I try to edge on the more excited side of things, she says. With her fashion pedigree and a degree in commerce, the mum of two is fully equipped to juggle the challenges of an expanding business. Currently, her biggest task is completing this latest collection on time, bringing ‘s surrealism into today via her unique combination of precise tailoring and organic drape. I still have she laughs.

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