Next post: At least, not during the hours of am to pm. E L L E Enjoy the issue, TALK TO ME¦ @JUSTINECULLEN @JUSTINEELLE ELLEAUSTRALIA@BAUER MEDIA.COM.AU As someone who once did permanent damage to my feet on a misguided two day shopping trip to London at weeks’ pregnant, this is glorious news. From a single pair of Chlo slides at the beginning of the shoedrobe to include the perfect tan Gucci loafers, a pair of black leather Chanel espadrilles and a pair of stark white Saint Laurent trainers, whose value lay not in the shoe itself (as I explained to my husband when he questioned the fact I’d spent over $ on a pair of Jerry Seinfeld shoes) but for the cultural permission to wear something that comfortable in places I never normally could. However, as someone who also has more in common, height wise, with Kylie than Karlie, it’s still a challenge. I can’t get those willowy backstage models, street style skirts and anything midi length that needs an elegant pump to look just right For the moment it’s hanging unworn in the wardrobe.

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