African American Hairstyles 2015

Campbell and Banks have no plans to quit modeling for acting just yet. Campbell landed on Forbes’s list of the top-paid models, pulling in $2.1 million a year. “Do you honestly think there are going to be roles, one after the other, that I’m going to get?” she asks. Absolutely not. Finding good roles is tough for white actresses; for black actresses, it’s a killer.

Pinkett dislikes that the media pits black actresses against each other. She’s often asked if she’s “taking over” Berry’s spot. “I say, ‘Are you crazy?’ Halle has a sensuality and a womanliness that I have not touched on. We are all actresses, everybody has their niche.”

For now, Banks has found her niche as “the girlfriend.” It’s OK, she chuckles, as long as it’s “the girlfriend with depth.” Spoken like every other actress reading scripts in Hollywood.

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