Agne Motiejunaite Evening Sandals

Next post: I look forward to speaking with you. Here’s everything to do between that moment and the big day. HIT THE BOOKS You wouldn’t go on a Tinder date without Googling, so why would you go on an interview cold turkey? Research your potential employer in full, says Caroline Ghosn, cofounder and CEO of Levo, a professional networking site. If you know anyone at the organization or can find connections through friends or Linkcdln, ask them for insight. Your goal Is to spend the interview talking about how you could contribute to the team, not listening passively while you’re brought up to speed. KNOW YOUR INTERVIEWER As an organic part of building a relationship, says Ghosn. Your interviewer is a human, not a job genie, and showing interest in this person will help to create a more authentic relationship from the get go.

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