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AHNA O’REILLY Photo Gallery

“Dear Jeremy Sumpter, I’m your biggest fan ever. I have posters of you all around my room. I love your acting and the way you are by reading about you from the magazine Popstar! I think you are nice, funny, and cute!” Bristy, NY

Eleni of Piedmont, CA, and her sister were ecstatic to meet Julia Stiles while they were in London!

Julie of Saylorsburg, PA, met Jesse at the totally exclusive Popstar! hosted Jesse McCartney album release party!

CA, drew a very pretty Hilary Duff! “I love your singing and acting and you are very pretty! I like the way you are always getting along with your sister!” she says!

Nicole of East Longmeadow, AAA, sketched Ricky Ullman!

Georgina from Brentwood, CA, captured Joel Madden’s sensitive side!

Check popstaronline.com and click on “contests” for a list of names!

The stars get silly and we snap away!

Greg Raposo

When Greg chose a winner for his “Meet Greg Raposo” contest, he couldn’t resist this

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