Next post: But now, the latest generation of wearable tech offers real time feedback designed to help you self assess and track. Unlike traditional Fitbit style monitors that primarily measure steps taken, these new gadgets offer qualitative data that may help you succeed. This is good news, considering a recent study from the University of Scranton found that more than half of people who make resolutions will fail if left to their own devicesyikes! These upgraded monitors definitely have the potential to help, since performance feedback and self monitoring are key if your goal is to establish a habit, says Deborah Thompson, Ph.D an associate professor of nutrition at Baylor College of Medicine who has helped develop interactive digital programs to improve eating habits. POSTURE PERFECTOR Another game changing wearable is Lumo Lift, a small jxxl that clips to your shirt near your collarbone and vibrates if you have poor posture. Peak Performance Women’s Heli Alpine Jacket and Pants. Heli Peak Performance Women’s Heli Alpine Jacket and Pants.

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