Alessandra Ambrosio Diet Plan Workout Routine

Alessandra Ambrosio Diet Plan

Why Is This Freedom Important To Know?

It is important to have this freedom with regard to what we eat. If you think certain foods are sinful, Satan will heap condemnation upon you each time you eat them. If you eat a candy bar, he will say, “Well you know you shouldn’t have eaten that. Now you have blown it. You might as well go ahead and gorge now.” Condemnation over eating that one candy bar will cause you to eat three other candy bars, two doughnuts, and all of the last night’s leftovers!
Conversely, when you see from God’s Word that it is not wrong to eat that candy bar, but that you should only eat “so much as is sufficient for thee” (Proverbs 25:16), you will begin to eat smaller portions of a big candy bar. Without condemnation over eating a chocolate, you will begin to eat one or two instead of half the box. You will begin to cut yourself small pieces of pie because you will no longer feel you must “eat, drink, and be merry” because tomorrow you may diet. Rather, you will know that if you want more tomorrow, it will be all right to eat more.

Freedom In Action
I recently saw this principle beautifully illustrated. I was having lunch with a woman who lost over fifty pounds through Scriptural Eating Patterns. We had a lovely lunch, and afterward the waiter brought us an elegant dessert menu. The menu listed crepes filled with whipped cream and covered with fresh strawberries or a special praline sauce. We both felt totally free to order any dessert on the menu. But we had already eaten “so much as (was) sufficient for (us).” We decided not to eat dessert.
We made this choice in total freedom. It was different than when we were compulsive eaters. If we had ordered the dessert before we had been healed, we would have felt tremendous condemnation. Guilt would have led us to continue eating all day because we “already blew it for today.”
If we had not ordered the dessert, but still wanted it, we would have thought about that dessert for the rest of the day. We might have even eaten other foods trying to satisfy that desire. Being free to eat all things, it was a simple decision. There would have been no condemnation if we had ordered it, and there was no lingering desire when we did not. That’s freedom, and it’s wonderful.

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