On the one hand I was telling myself that I had to stop acting like the girls’ den mother, and on the other hand here was Audrey Woudhuysen (whom I liked very much) proclaiming that I was a nohle spirit for protecting the girls from the evil designs of Vic and his pals. Where did I stand now? What was my role, what was I supposed to do? The situation was settled more or less by accident when a wispy creature named Miss Napa Chanavara came to see me, the following day, and announced that she had been sent to fill the vacancy in the cabin crew left by Julie’s departure, thus bringing our complement up from thirteen to a more healthy fourteen. Cosmetic List Brand Best Best Makeup Brand Drugstore vs. Department Store Beauty Products and Makeup u Haute top best makeup brands in world cosmetics brands list top Style WU The Best Makeup Brushes for Beginners Brilliant Brushes Beauty on Pinterest Swatch, Sephora and Cosmetics Miss Chanavara, it turned out, was a Thai girl working for Sesame, flying between Rome, Bangkok and Tokyo, and she was such a little doll that Audrey, Nina and I sat with her in the grandiose lounge of the Vittoria Monarch for more than an hour, drinking espresso coffee and plying her with questions. First things first. She was twenty two years old, about five feet four, ninety eight pounds (a wisp, did I say?), wearing the traditional form hugging long gown called Thai rean ton in a marvelous silvery Thai silk. Anytime she opened her mouth to say something, her eyes crinkled up and she gurgled with laughter, which can be awfully aggravating when an American girl does it but somehow fits the Thai character.


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