His ego is usually more fully developed than a younger child’s, thereby lessening the chances of him blaming himself or others for the loss. Having more experiences of the world than his younger counterparts, the older child tends to be more flexible when viewing his grief. At the same time, some experts argue that the older child, especially the adolescent, becomes more fragile due to the stresses of this particular developmental stage. The person’s psychological history and make up The more loss or trauma a person has experienced as a child, the more affected that individual’s ego development will be, and the more vulnerable he or she will be to trauma, even when grown. Aubrey O’Day Ponytail Long Hairstyles Lookbook StyleBistro Medium Hairstyle How To Makes Ponytail Hairstyles For Ideas Updo ponytails long hair Fashion blog ashley tisdale formal side ponytail How to Create a Stylish Ponytail from a Long Hairstyle Long What has transpired in any child’s life prior to the loss is significant in helping or detracting from his ability to cope with the loss. For example, a mother of two had suffered a long bout with cancer prior to her death, thereby preventing her from caring for her children for many months. The children suffered the loss of their mother long before she died, and that affected their psychological development, making it much more difficult for them to attach to their stepmother when their father remarried.


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