Alyssa Milano Diet Secrets

But you will stili eat. The truth is you will always love to eat in those “moments of madness,” and that’s okay. But you will become aware of a brief moment of clarity in the midst of “being possessed,” a moment in which you have a choice. The choice does not have to be not to eat; just not to destroy yourself in the process. Food w ili work for you if you’ll only let it.

Whetı the need to eat is allconsuming. whcn your heart is shouting go and your head iı shouting no, you will listen 10 them both. A synergy will deve lop betwecn your head and your heart. and you wı)l heal your mınd/body split. Eating will work for you if you’II only let it.

And you will begin to choose to feel good because it feci s a loı better than feeling bad. Eating and feeling good is what the Beverly Hills Diet is ali about. What have you got to lose?

Alyssa Milano Diet Secrets

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