Amazing DIY Nail Ideas 2015

Harden Your Heart to Hardeners

Apparently some cosmetics intended to beautify the nails end up doing a lot more harm than beautifying. Hardeners are just one such so-called cosmetic. There is even a case history of one woman who applied fingernail hardener to her nails, only to discover that, a few hours later, they had turned blue! They don’t tell us whatever happened to the blue-nailed woman.

But I’d be willing to bet she stayed away from hardeners for the rest of her life. Although some experts recommend polishes (Norman Orentreich is one), others say that polishes contain resins and that those can cause trouble.

So, instead of hardening up your nails with fake hardeners, or plastic nails (Ouch! These can really be a danger and I’ve heard horror stories of nails being lost through too constant wearing of plastic the kind you brush on nails) or resin-filled polishes, why not just protein-up your diet and exercise your nails with buff, buff, and buff?

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