Amazing Weight Loss Tips

Amazing Weight Loss Tips

Lies and more Lies: I do not watch television much but I was flipping channels one day and stopped on one of those television courtroom judge shows. The show was of a person suing a personal trainer for her failure to help him lose weight. Her case was won by a Faceblog post of him stuffing his face with cake. Up until that point, he swore he was following the diet properly and her system was flawed. I can tell you of countless times of people telling me how they eat right, not in excess, and do not eat sugary foods. Then continue on blaming it on their bad metabolism given to them by G-d as if it is not their fault. Is it much easier to accept that you are going to BE FAT FOR LIFE, than to take a few steps daily and lose the weight? Pride is a terrible thing and often makes us defend our image with lies, even lying to our own self. A person in order to successful lose weight must be truthful; most importantly is to be truthful to self.

I do not want to lose weight: From a man’s perspective, being bigger gives a person that so-called more weight to push around, making one look more powerful and less venerable. When I started to lose weight at 216, I was set that 195 pounds is what I wanted to weigh. Being interested in martial arts most my life, the extra weight added more inertia to both defense and offense. I was 150 to 160 pounds from the ages of 20 to 30 years old and the

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40 extra pounds added since were noticeable. I to this day believe this to be the mental block that interferes with me dropping that last 10 to 15 pounds to be 165 pounds. Both men and women have various reason of accepting or being comfortable at a heavier weight, even if it is fatter and less healthy. As long as I have this okayness or tolerance to this extra weight, I WILL NEVER LOSE IT! That is why it is important to understand that if you can lose 50% of the excess weight, then you have done great. If you have reduced the sugars, toxins, and created a healthier lifestyle, you have won the most dangerous part of the problem. Maintaining the program will eventually break this plateau concerning weight loss, and we will continue towards removing the category of being over-weight (a BMI of less than 27). If at that point you feel you need more weight, you can increase your protein and increase your exercise to build muscle.

Not important enough to lose weight: When your value to lose the weight becomes stronger than the values that hinder your weight loss, then you will lose the weight. Until then, nothing will be successful, and everything will result in failure. I can give a person many reasons to immediately wanting to lose weight and easy ways to accomplish the weight loss but until the person wants it bad enough, it will not happen. Therefore, it is on you! You are over-weight because of your priorities. The truth is most people are overweight because subconsciously it is their choices. For many people it is a very hard choice but the gains are well worth it. (I can scratch the middle of my upper back again)

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