Amber Heard Diet Plan Workout Routine

Amber Heard Diet Plan

Blood Pressure Miracle
Two amazing really miraculous things occurred as I applied God’s Word. Of course, I lost weight, but my high blood pressure (essential hypertension, which is considered incurable) began to drop into the normal range. The first time in twenty years! The doctor had no explanation for this. So, I gave him one of Diane’s books. I give the glory to God. Diets never affected my blood pressure, but the principles in God’s Word did.
The second thing is that for the first time in my life, I am not under bondage to eat at a certain time. Before, if I was even late for a meal, I was shaky, sick, and irritable. Believe me, I never missed a meal! Now I can go all day without eating if necessary. Sometimes I get into a business meeting where we need to work through the lunch hour. Now, it is no problem for me.

Not Always Easy
Sometimes I teach the last class of a series, and I always point out that the weight loss period was not always easy for me. There were times when I was hungry. I was surprised to find that this hunger was often more easily satisfied than I ever dreamed possible.

Sometimes doughnuts or fresh cookies would show up at the office. The temptation for a taste would really get to me. I defeated this by saying, “OK taste buds, you want a taste? That’s all you are going to have.” That one taste was enough for me, and it satisfied that driving urge to eat. Eventually, I was able to bypass even that small sample.

I praise God and thank Him for raising up Diane to teach Scriptural Eating Patterns. I know that through a healthier body, God has given me a new lease on life. As you complete this book, my prayers are with you. I pray that you will have the courage to make a commitment that will enable God to give you a new lease on life.

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