Amber Heard Diet Secrets

No lime or lemon on anything, urıless specifıed. It neutralizes the protein enzyme, pepsin.

When alcohol is listed it is optional.

The “day” ends when you go to sleep and the new one begins when you wake up not when the clock strikes midnight. If you wake up in the middle of the night and you will be going back to sleep and you are hungry, continue with the last thing you ate before you went to sleep.

You should do exactly what’s programmed. Each fruit’s enzyme has a specific, unique effect, one that cannot be duplicated. In the first few weeks, during the critical bum, feed, and wash stages, the combinations of foods and the order in which they are eaten are particularly important. Remember that the special enzymatic qualities of one fruit can never be exactly duplicated by another.

With these admonitions in mind, and realizing that sub stitution diminishes the effectiveness of my diet, please resort to the following substitution list only if absolutely necessary. After ali, who wants to blow it when it really doesn’t count?

Substitutes (Only if You Must)

Substitute Foods List

Mango, kiwi, persimmon, V pineapple, or apples
Dried Figs
Bagel Bread of your
choice, prepared without sweeteners.
Almonds ‘ Cashews, sunflower
seeds, or brazil nuts
Steak Lamb, turkey, fish,
or veal
Artichokes Broccoli, asparagus,
or brussels sprouts
Chicken Fish, turkey, or

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