Unless you want to invite serious emotional disturbances, strive now to bring a halt to this. Let them air their views. Check yourself; don’t harangue. Listen to their problems and personal needs. Appreciate the excitement involved and the need for this kind of intellectual exchange. This matter could involve an offspring, a lover, or any individual, regardless of age, who enjoys the role of being catered to, or of simply being immature. Cancer, you have a weakness for this kind of imposition.


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piss and all. Finally, there’s the alcohol question. Short answer: Drinking alcohol gets the drinker of the alcohol drunk. The alcohol is all busy in the drinker’s body and doesn’t make its way to the kidneys and the bladder, so it doesn’t come out (as alcohol) in piss. Alcohol is processed by the liver, not the kidneys, in fact, so there’s no chance that anyone is going to get any alcohol from piss. The only story I ever heard in which someone claimed to get an alcohol buzz from drinking the piss of a heavy drinker turned out to be an LSD high that the bottom just did not know was coming. Science and logic say, there’s no alcohol at all in piss.

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