You were away for ages!

Were you nervous about bringing out new music?

I’m a bag of nerves all the time.

I was frightened no one would know it was me, and no one would care or want to hear it. The last time I released an album, Twitter and Instagram didn’t exist, so it was like the Jurassic ages.

You’ve got so many awards now – do you ever just sit down and think, Man, I’ve done good „ ? Every day. When I go for a poo and see all my awards, I think,

Wow, I did it good. That’s the truth. [Laughs.]

Do you write better songs when you’re broken-hearted?

I used to, but not so much [now]. There are songs on this record that I’m much prouder of than ones on my last or first record. There’s a couple of tracks on there that I think are the best songs I’ve ever written.

Which ones?

When We Were Youngand A Million Years Ago. There was a while where I thought maybe I won’t write another album, as I’m not going to be unhappy just for a record it’s not worth it.

Do you get much free stuff now? N ando’s do this card where you get free Nando’s, but I’ve never been offered one.

What? Maybe you’ll get one for Christmas. Finally, how do you avoid being papped?

I live a very ordinary life and I think most people are surprised by that. They don’t think it would be me when they spot me, so they don’t tweet about it or go, Adele was here. I don’t go to museums with my kids, with ten pairs of [eye]lashes and high heels on. I do get recognised, but by the time they realise it’s me, I’m up the road.

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