Ana Beatriz Barros Diet Plan Workout Routine

Ana Beatriz Barros Diet Plan

The result?
Given a choice between plain drinking water and a 10 percent solution of ethyl alcohol, the rats on the high carbohydrate diet drank, on an average, fifty millimeters the equivalent of what would be a quart of 100 proof whiskey a day for an adult man. The rats on the fortified high carbohydrate diet drank only one third as much alcohol, while those on the well balanced human diet generally preferred plain water.
Dietary manipulation can turn teetotalers into alcoholics. Twenty percent of a group of rats maintained on the high carbohydrate diet for five weeks did not develop the taste for alcohol until sugar was added to the solution. These rats then turned into the heaviest drinkers of all. When switched onto a balanced diet, they gradually became exalcoholics.
A Loma Linda University group headed by Dr.

U. D. Register conducted a study to determine whether a typical “teen age diet,” known to be nutritionally marginal rather than totally deficient could also cause a craving for alcohol in rats.

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