Ana Hickmann Diet Plan Workout Routine

Ana Hickmann Diet Plan

Let’s take niacin, that nutrient recognized as highly important in the prevention and treatment of mentalillness. Being classified as a resistance agent (it discourages disease when present and encourages disease when in short supply), niacin gains a plus (+) on our health score card. Now, the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Council suggests that male Americans need about 14 to 20 milligrams (a milligram is one thousandth of a gram) of niacin every day, including the niacin formed within the body from one essential amino acid. Yet a recent analysis of male doctors’ diets revealed that 12 percent, or one out of eight, were subsisting on less than the minimal niacin recommendation.
The proposed niacin recommendation for females ranges from 13 to 16 milligrams per day. Yet 33 percent of the doctors’ wives were found to have diets deficient in this important resistance factor.

Is it surprising that one out of every ten adults is a likely prospect for mental illness?

One more sneak preview before this chapter closes. Highly refined or processed carbohydrate foodstuffs contribute little more than calories. Refined carbohydrates are classified as susceptibility agents (oversupply encourages disease) and, as such, they are a minus ( ) on our health score card. Since refined carbohydrates are grossly lacking in vitamins, minerals, essential fats, and protein, these foodstuffs are quite correctly labeled empty calories. This group embraces table sugar, many precooked breakfast cereals, white flour, white (polished) rice, all highly sweetened foods (desserts, sweetened beverages, candy), and both sweetened and unsweetened baked goods made from white wheat flour. It is interesting to note that about one half of these empty calories are derived from table sugar alone!

Back to the doctors diets. On the average, about 79 grams of refined carbohydrates were being consumed daily. Since 79 grams is roughly 20 teaspoonfuls, that average intake is almost equal to a teaspoonful per hour around the clock. In fact, some of the doctors and their wives were gobbling up as much as 223 grams of these foodstuffs every day, some 50 teaspoonfuls, a bit over a teaspoonful every 30 minutes!

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