Angelina Jolie Diet and Workouts Plan

Indian Menus
• Curries can be very high in fat.
• Choose vegetable options and avoid dishes like Chicken Korma vvhich contain cream.
• Indian flat breads are a good choice and better than poppadoms vvhich are deepfried.
• Basmati rice is an excellent option.
• Avoid deepfried onion and vegetable bhajis.

Italian Menus
• Minestrone soup, melon and trimmed parma ham are lovvfat starters.
• Skinless breast of chicken and grilled fish dishes are a good choice.
• Avoid highfat Carbonara sauces.
• Choose simple tomato sauce for pasta and only add a small sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.
• Chargrilled vegetables or sea food is a lovvfat option.
• Choose sorbet or fresh fruit instead of icecream.
• Cappuccino coffee is high in fat, so an espresso is a better choice.

Japanese Menus
• Miso soup vvith noodles and vegetables is a good choice.
• Soba noodles are made with buckvvheat and are lovv in fat.
• Nori rolls (rice vvrapped in seavveed) are deliciously lovvcalorie. Boiled rice is usually served instead of highfat fried rice.
• Chicken or beef teriyaki and ravv fish sushi are also good, lovvfat choices.

Middle Eastern Menus
• Taboulle salad made vvith cracked wheat and herbs is a good choice.
• Hummus (made without cream) and yoğurt dips served vvith pitta breads are also healthy options.
• Vine leaves stuffed with raisin rice, couscous dishes and savoury lentils are ali good choices.
• Avoid deepfried falalel and samovas.

Top Tips for Eating Out :
• Share a starter.
• Order a starter as a main course.
• Ask to be served a smaller portion.
• Request that any nuts, potato chips, bread and butter or bread sticks are removed from the table.
• Ahvays leave some food on your plate.
• Eat half and take a doggy bag home.
• Order plain vegetables vvith no added butter.
• Most restaurants vvill serve fresh fruit or a fruit salad for dessert even if it’s not on the menu.
• Mix vvine vvith fizzy mineral vvater to make a spritzer.

Angelina Jolie Diet and Workouts Plan

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